Q    Why should my carpet be cleaned often ?

Carpets absorb all sorts of nasty things including dust mites bacteria grease and oil deposits ,sand ,soil and food particales.


 Q    What should I do before you arrive ?                                        It would be very helpful if prior to arrival you can remove items on the carpet from the areas to be cleaned e.g shoes,toys etc Also if you have valueable items on any peices of furniture please place them in a safe place.


Q      Do M&B Carpet Care move furniture?                                     We can move certain items of furniture but we are limited due to health and safety. As such if you have any items of furniture that your definitely need moved its best you do this prior to our arrival 


Q     How long will my carpet take to dry?                                       Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of your carpets, nature of the tempertureof the area . Normally your carpets will be dry on 4 to 12 hours but in some instance can take up to 24 hours.


Q     I live in a flat without a lift, is this a problem?                         It:s not normally a problem as lot of the time their will be 2 cleaning opertives. But always helpful to mention it when booking  SO PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE.


Q    Is stain protector and carpet conditioner included in the price?                                                                                                Unless specifically requested the price quoted will be for a deep clean and stain treatment, and would not include any carpet maintenance treatment.This can be taken as optional extras on the day.


Q    How do you take payment ?                                                           We accept cash or cheque or bacs payment on the day .Please note that unless previous agreed payments must be made on the day.


Q    Are you insured ?                                                                             M&B Carpet Care has insurance in place for 1 million pounds.


Q   Can you remove pet hair?                                                              The hot water extraction process will move considerable amount of pet hair but we can not guarantee removing it all only regular vacuuming will do this.


Q    What is stain Protecton /Scotchgaurd ?                                       As an option we can apply a protective coating to your carpets which adds a moisture restant barrier to each indvidual fibre. this barrier means that spills arent immedialely absorbed into the carpet and gives you a extra period of time to clean it up.


Q   Can you guarantee to remove stains?                                         This is something we cannot guarantee due to the amount of variables e.g nature of the stain type of carpet,age of carpet,if you:ve tried treating it youself etc no professional carpet cleaner can ever give you a absolute guarantee on stains.


Q   What is your refund policy ?                                                           if you are not happy with our service then we are happy to return and provide  a second clean completely free of charge. We happy to offer refunds if you are not happy but we will need the opportunity to visit the property to veritfy the cause of the complaint.

because accidents can happen in the meantime a return visit will need to arranged within a week of the original booking


Q How long will it take to clean my carpets ?

We can give you estimates, but it will vary, depending on the degree of soiling and stains. Approximately 2 hours for a  3 bedroom house ,

About an hour for Hall ,stairs , landing and lounge. 3 Peice suite approx 2 hours. All carpets are ready to walk on after cleaning .





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